Trish and James

Awesome Canadian wedding #2.  Super Woman, Tamara of Poppy Photography is pictured below.   She invited me to shoot with Trish and James on their big day.  I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Tamara.  She will always cry with me during the sappy parts of the wedding.  She knows just when to throw in a dirty joke that makes everyone crack up, and she takes her job of packing wedding day snacks VERY seriously.  Our personalities mesh so well, that even a 14 hour day feels effortless.  She captures my family moments once a year, and I was lucky enough to get to capture hers this time around!

Trish and James were perfection.  Their walk down the aisle felt like a scene from a movie.  And I am 100% sure that time stopped during their first dance.  These two were the real deal.  Tamara and I may have cried more than anyone else there.  When I agreed to go to Canada, I was excited about exactly one thing…..seeing Tamara and Shane.  I had no idea what I was in for.  This girl….the one who hates taking pictures of scenery, could not get her camera off the beautiful sights there.  It is hard to describe how breathtakingly beautiful it was.  Perfect weather, the perfect couple, and a backdrop like no other.  Yeah, BC, you win.  Call me.  I really want to hang out again sometime!



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