The Poppitts, Part 1

So the best gift you can ever give a photographer is pictures….with them in it.  And if they are a mom….well, you can pretty much guarantee it will be the greatest gift in the world.  I was so so so lucky to have the fabulous Tamara Poppitt out to shoot with me last fall.  She is one of my very favorite people in our international photography group.  We hit it off immediately and although she lives 28 hours of round trip air travel away, I love that I get time with her each year.  To be honest, I didn’t know much about Tamara’s photography when I asked her to shoot a wedding with me.  When she came to stay with our little family for the weekend, she offered to do a family shoot for us.  My son was cranky, we forgot her memory cards, the bribery toy we bought to calm my kid got run over by a truck, and we were all running late.  So, unfortunately for Tamara, and fortunately for us, she was forced to tag along to a family party in addition to suffering through what the Chase kids were offering up during their hour.  My kids didn’t seem to be very awesome during the shoot, and I was nervous that we didn’t get anything.  When I received a link shortly after Tamara returned home, I was speechless and bawling.  For the first time since having my kids, our moments were captured the way I would capture them.  They were crazy, and chaotic, loving, and real.  So so so very real like our day to day, that I couldn’t stop sobbing.  What. A. Gift.  Tamara had nailed it.  And ever since I have been completely dying to return the favor.  This past week, I finally got my chance.  I shot a wedding with Tamara and another photographer in our group in BC.  And after two very long wedding days, I was pumped to finally get to meet the Poppitts.   This family is the real deal.  They played, they laughed, they teased, snuggled, and were just awesome. I will never forget during one of our earlier photography trips how Tamara had started to cry when she talked about getting photos of her kids.  “It just sucks to never be in the pictures.  I want to be a part of their memories.” Well, that she was.   I will post our day in two parts, because there is far too much awesome for 1 post.  Poppitts, I have no words.  I love how you love each other.  I love how you laugh together and are unafraid to be yourselves.   I love how even when I dragged you out of bed at an obscene hour, you put up with me with smiles on your faces.  If you want to know what the perfect family session looks like…this is it for me.  Come back for Part II!











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