Ryan, Grady, and Molly

There is nothing better as a photographer than watching a family grow up!  This is the third year that the Carrolls have come out to shoot with me.  I will never forget having to email Megan three years ago and say…..uh yeah…..so we actually didn’t get a single picture of all of you smiling for your Christmas card.  Hard to believe these are the same kids today!  We will certainly not be needing a re-shoot this year!  These three were SOOOOO much fun.  So much fun that I am blogging an hour after their shoot. I couldn’t wait.  We ran, we jumped, we laughed, we made shadows, we made chaos….and we learned a new word.  Repeat after me Carroll kids, “Photobomb”.  Very nice.Well played Carroll kids.  Our days of begging for smiles are over.  (This gives me hope for my own kids.)

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