Priya, Silas, and Emery

What. A. Family.  It takes a special family to survive three kids under the age of 3!!!!  When I walked in the door I could not believe that all these babies belonged to Joshua and Sajini!  Within minutes, we were playing, dancing on the table, and making a gourmet “play food” breakfast…..all while little Emery, the newest of the group slept away.  This family of five live in THE coolest place ever in downtown Baltimore.  I may want to become their fourth child so I can shoot there again!  This family was full of laughs and full of fun.  I must confess that family shoots like this are my favorite kind.  Everything about this shoot was real!  No props, nothing posed, just the day to day reality with three little ones….which is always fun.  So thank you Joshua and Sajini for letting me shoot your amazing family!!!!

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