Poppitt, Part 2

I just want to shoot the Poppitts every day.  So, as promised, part 2! A relaxing, yet awesome Canadian adventure?  The Poppitts and Canada came through for sure.  We drove, walked, hiked, risked dismemberment and swam.  The Poppitts effortlessly showed me the ropes, as I recited my “don’t fall, don’t drop the camera” mantra.  These kids know how to live it up.  I could have continued to shoot this real family love story forever.  But eventually Tamara made me get off the mountain and into a tube.  I was not eaten by a snake, nor did I lose any limbs to the rope swing….mostly because I didn’t swing on it.  Harry and Hudson helped this amateur climber down more than once, and I was returned home safely with no permanent marks except for oddly disgusting feet.

Poppitts.  I just love the way you laugh.  The way you “adventure”.  They way you understand that ice cream is a mandatory way to end a day of family fun.  You guys are so real, and so like my own family, that shooting you felt like an extension of what I do every other day. I almost forgot to miss my own kids….. Almost.  I’m so lucky to call you all my friends, my bacon eating, milkshake drinking buddies.   I hope that one day we can look back and remember this as the first of many photo shoots together, and maybe even the one you like the least!  You make me smile like crazy you awesome Canadians!


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