Nick and Lindsay

So I have been lucky enough to shoot not once, but twice this month with my good friend, Farid from Far/Wid Photography.  He is amazingly talented and I could watch him work all day!  Sadly….I can’t just stare, he does expect me to attempt photographic greatness as well. Sometimes that means stepping up my game a little.  In a failed attempt to do anything to “get the shot” I thought (against Farid’s recommendations) I would throw on my flip flops and head into the mud/sand/sludge pit that was next to the pier we were shooting on.  I knew I was slowly sinking, but thought I had it under control….until my foot went into a giant puddle/sinkhole/deep abyss.  I started to go down, lost my flip flop, and a huge piece of my dignity as all kinds of sludge splashed up my (very cute if not completely impractical) dress.  Farid was nice enough to spare me some dignity and only took a few pics to document.  But yeah…..of course I got the shot.

Insert wild applause here ——->

So anyway….back to the beautiful event at hand…Nick and Lindsay were beyond amazing.  Their day was unique, beautiful, laid back, loving ,fun, and full of absolutely gorgeous shoes.  Yeah….I’m a girl.  Pretty sure Farid didn’t include that in his blog post.  Whatever… was noteworthy.

Ok enough foot talk….this couple was awesome… beer caps and hops made into boutonnieres awesome, Mentos…the freshmaker awesome.  Giggle during the “monogamy” part of vows awesome,  and dance until the venue kicks you out awesome.  I didn’t want this night to end!  Congrats Nick and Lindsay!

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