Mira and Alex

So did we mention that Twist LOOOOOOOVES destination weddings!!!!  We teamed up with Shandi Wallace Photography and made our way to “One Happy Island” for the most exciting wedding weekend ever.  Their wedding was the ultimate adventure.  We celebrated in the sand, we drank from coconuts, and feasted at a breakfast buffet that dreams are made of.  Mira and Alex know how to how to host a killer wedding.  After the love fest ended, Shandi and her husband Bryan tried to kill me more than once, but never succeeded.  All of my thrill seeking moments have been thanks to this duo.  And all of my bruises, scratches, and panic attacks. I learned so much about Indian weddings, Aruban life, and how not to drop your camera while shooting in the ocea.  Shandi would like me to tell you that we met some amazing new friends.  And I would like to tell you that her quest for new friends is terrifying.  I can’t imagine a more magical way to start a marriage.  Mira and Alex, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your adventure!  






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