Metavivor Day 2: Kay

I met with Kay yesterday for our second Metavivor photo shoot.  Kay is living with stage four cancer.  May I put an emphasis on LIVING WITH!  Kay is spunky, full of stories, and hilarious.  Kay and I spent the afternoon out on the town.  We hit up the mailbox, the card store, picked up some paint swatches, filled up the car with gas, and stopped at the bank.  Hoping not to get arrested taking pics at the bank drive-up teller. So far so good.  Kay, you will bail me out right?  Kay and I had some time to talk about everything….her life, her family, her treatment, and what she is doing each day to keep a smile on her face.  And Kay has no shortage of smiles!

This amazing lady is going to be featured next month in a Metavivor Gallery in DC.  Can’t wait!

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