Lyndsey and Aaron

2016-05-17_0004I knew that I loved Lyndsey and Aaron the moment I met them.  Ok well that’s complicated because I met Lyndsey years and years ago….and I did….but I was sure that I loooooved them the day they met to bring me their wedding deposit….Aaron hid behind a car to pretend he was going to kill me as I got out of my car.  He jumped out, scared the crap out of me, I screamed.  Loud.  He laughed.  I laughed til I cried.  She apologized for him over and over and I thought… these are my kind of clients.  Fast forward, many texts later.  A month before the wedding, we were supposed to just meet up, talk about the wedding, exchange final payment and go about our way.  Hours later… still chatting.  I didn’t want to leave.  We talked about how they met….(He announced that he would marry her one day as soon as he met her.  Sidenote: I’ve been trying this move nonstop ever since with no success) We shared “back in the day” stories, and we talked about our families.  I remember asking Lyndsey about how he got along with Aaron’s mom.  Her response…..”I love her.  She’s the best.”  We talked about Mother’s Day plans the weekend before the wedding and how she was so excited to finally call her “Mom.”

A few weeks later, I awoke on the Monday after Mother’s day…6 days before their wedding day to a facebook message that left me frozen.  “We had to suddenly say goodbye to such a strong loving woman, my soon to be mother in law that I never got the pleasure to officially call “Mom”.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  Karen













After talking to Lyndsey that morning, I found out the news was true.  They had tragically, and unexpectedly lost Karen just 6 days before they said I do.  The family decided to go on with the wedding as Karen would have wanted.  A wedding she helped to plan and was so excited about.

To say this was a wedding I will never forget would be the understatement of a lifetime.  Lyndsey and Aaron jumped on board for their “in good times and in bad” a week before they said their “I do’s”. I don’t know how they got through the ups and downs of the week, but they arrived at their wedding day with smiles on their faces and remembered as the shirt said to “inhale, exhale, repeat.”

The love and support in the room at this wedding was visible.  Weddings can sometimes bring out the worst in people…and funerals….funerals are just hard.  But this wedding.  This wedding was beautiful.  It was love.  It was joy.  It was laughs.  It was celebration. It was life.  I wish I had words, but I don’t.  I kept waiting for doom and gloom and messes and fights or something awful to happen, because isn’t that what happens when tragedy strikes at the worst possible time?  No.  That’s not what happened at all.  What happened was laughs.  Memories.  Hugs.  Smiles.  Love.  Everywhere love.  There was no elephant in the room.  Everyone shared their memories freely.  They hugged, they cried, they remembered Karen as openly as they celebrated Lyndsey and Aaron.  My heart broke in half a few times and I wondered if I should keep shooting the tough moments or not.  But every tear, happy and sad….to me was their story.  And I wanted it all in there.  The hardest part to photograph was during the time when Aaron was supposed to dance with his mom.  Aaron, I’m sorry your photographer lost her $&%! and cried more than most of your guests.  The pain in the room was inescapable and I wanted to hug you all.

But I would like to thank Karen for what I am entirely sure was her doing….the state of Maryland has been hitting all kinds of records this month for the most consecutive days of rain ever.  Except this day.  This day, the rain stopped.  Like really really stopped.  We had perfect sunshine just in time for a wedding, family pictures and our walk back in the building.  I tend to think we had some help on this one.

Lyndsey and Aaron, you two as a couple are amazing people.  Before this week, I loved you guys.  Your sense of humor, your ability to be goofy, laugh at yourselves and each other, have fun, and enjoy life….all of it.   You survived this week.  Together.  It speaks volumes about you as a couple.  You’re the real the deal.

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