Hurricane Photo Party!

Stuck home with no where to go?  What a perfect time to back up all your important family photos!

Remember that your camera’s memory card is NOT the place to store your memories!  Each time you take your card in and out of your camera, you should be reformatting your card (THIS WILL DELETE ALL YOUR PICTURES).  So each time you shoot, dump those pictures off the card, and then use your cameras menu to reformat your card.  This will make you much less susceptible to card errors that can cause you to lose all your pictures.

All hard drives will eventually fail (external hard drives too!)  So save your pictures in a variety of places so that no matter what you are covered!

My recommendation is to organize your photos by month.  Then give yourself 3 back-up options…

1. Save these folders on an external hard drive that is located (away from kids who can drop it) somewhere safe.

2. Each monthly folder is burned to a disk.

3. Each picture is saved online on  Flickr is an extremely affordable family photo back-up solution.  Your photos can be downloaded off the site in full resolution.  So if your house floats away this week, you won’t be without your memories.  Flickr also lets you organize them in sets and collections, and share them with friends and family.  Do NOT store your photos on sites like shutterfly and snapfish.  These  sites will NOT let you download your photos from their sites.  They only allow you to order prints.  I put all my photos in “sets” in flickr by month.  Occasionally if there is an event that I know I will be sharing with others, I make a special set for that event as well. For instance, if we go on vacation with other people, I recognize that they may not want to see all my July pictures, but more likely just the ones from our trip to OBX.  Flickr makes this all possible!

Living in this digital age has so many awesome perks when you are learning to use your camera, but it is also so easy to lose all your important memories.  Take steps now to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you!  And have some fun looking back!!!!

Stay safe everybody!

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