Headed to the beach?

What happened to our endless summer nights?  Ok, I have been listening to too much Richard Marx lately.  But before you all head out to your last beach weekend of the summer…let’s talk about how to get some great pictures before we are carving pumpkins and hopping on the hayride.

Rule #1 Please, please, please shoot at the best time of the day!  First thing in the morning and the hour before sunset, lighting is magical.  Truly.  Harsh midday sun makes for terrible pictures.  So bring the kiddies out early (they’re up anyway right?) or right before bed to get effortless, beautiful pictures.  Let nature do the work, because let’s face it, getting the kid to cooperate is hard enough without “mommy, the sun is in my eyes!”

Next up….#2 Action Action We Want Action!  Set your camera on Shutter Speed Priority and hike it up around 1000.  Then go capture something awesome by freezing time!

Or….set your shutter speed super slow to 1/13 and get someone to hold really still (your kids do that right?,) put your camera on a tripod (or a park bench) and let the world go on around them.

#3: Moments, Moments, Moments!  Don’t be afraid to bring that camera to the beach, by the pool, or on the rides!  You can’t capture those amazing moments to hang on your wall if you don’t have your camera!  So get your beach chair, your magazine, and your camera and let the fun begin.

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