Ben and Megan

When Rebecca Eby of Studeo Noveau calls you on Wednesday and asks you what you are doing Saturday… clear your schedule.  I was lucky enough to share some quality time with Rebecca last year at the most awesome photography conference ever.  Besides being incredibly talented and awesome, we share a love of food, farmers market, and eating….(ok other things too).  So obviously I thought nothing of taking a 5:00 am train to Philly, followed by a 7am flight to St. Louis, and then a two hour drive to…..honestly I have no idea where I was.  When I told the trolley driver not to lose me, he laughed…..about two minutes later I knew why…..see picture below (taken from my car….don’t worry.  No one else was there.  Like… one.)  I have never seen anything like this place before.  Flat, beautiful, lots of farms, and white puffy clouds everywhere.  And then I met the couple…..Ben and Megan were the most amazing couple ever.  They came equipped with a team of actors, actresses, musicians, photographers and all kinds of creative people!  Their outdoor wedding had me tearing up and overwhelmed.  Stunning.  These two know how to party, and party we did.  So after shooting this epic wedding, I slept for three hours and hopped back into my planes, trains, and automobiles to head back home.  It was so worth it.  All the best to Ben and Megan.  And if you ever need a photographer in Wisconsin or at your destination wedding…..Rebecca is your go to girl!  Stay tuned for an awesome contest announcement from us for a lucky 2013 bride and groom!

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