Amanda and Eric

Confession: I really love taking pictures of children.  Wanna know why?  Cause kids can’t fake it.  Kids are raw, and full of joy, and playful, and beautiful naturally.  They love with all their hearts, and they never worry about their best angle or their butts looking big.  Kids are just love.  So what does that have to do with Amanda and Eric?  Weddings can be scary sometimes.  Because brides and grooms are not kids.  This is fun when you want to take a super cool shot with lots of flashes, or if you want someone to say…..follow directions.  But…adults are different.  And in the back of every wedding photographer’s head is always the worry of catching the real moments.  Well….enter Amanda and Eric.

You know everything I just said about kids…..well these two…..

Smiles, laughs, tears, joy, adoration.  I just can’t say enough.  The emotion that was all over their faces all day made me giddy.  I didn’t have to ask them to look happy, or smile, or look at each other.  They just did.  And the only thing better than a perfect couple with a perfect venue and the perfect wedding…is shooting it with someone who spends the day reminding you, “You know we are totally killing this wedding right?  Like this is our best ever, for sure.”

Amanda and Eric, I have no doubt your love is real, raw, and forever.  I have never seen another couple enjoy every moment of their wedding quite like you.  It stopped me in my tracks more than once.  There were no bad pictures.  Your smiles lasted the entire 8 hours….and we kinda didn’t ever want to leave.

Todd Wilson, no one rocks a wedding with me quite like you.   Well, most other people I shoot with have a filter, and won’t say literally anything to get a laugh….but I think we both know that’s why we work so well together 🙂  But your enthusiasm is infectious and you make me better each and every time we work together.  So thanks for “slaying this wedding like it was your job” (on 3 hours of sleep).  I told Amanda and Eric as we climbed a mountain this summer that you were the best, and I think you proved me right.

To anyone reading this, I am so sorry that I have no ability to cut down these pictures any more.  I love them too much to condense.  Weddings like this don’t happen every weekend.  Here’s to forever and ever Amanda and Eric.  Please wallpaper your house with all of the following pictures.












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