About Kory


Chapter 1: The Kory.

Hey! I’m Kory Chase, the “creative mind” behind Twist Photography!  Twist and I, well…we are a little different than what you’re used to.  A little louder, a little more spunky, and a ton of fun. We don’t pose, we play.  We don’t fake smiles, we make memories.  We like to think we are the voice of your life.

I like to tell stories.  A lot. Mine, yours, all of them. That’s what I do. It’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’m not just talking photography, but life in general.   A Twist story is real, full of love, hugs, giggles, tickling, smiles, and if I’m doing my job, belly laughs.  There can be chaos, there may be dirt, or tears, and I’m much more likely to tell you to run, jump, or yell than to say cheese.  Your Twist story doesn’t unfold in a studio, and that’s how we like it!  Years from now, these moments will make you smile all over again.

Chapter 2: The family.

My life.

Brennan, 8: Dancer.  Performer. Thinker, reader, builder, snuggler, traveler, junior photographer.

Kenzie, 6: Sassy, wild, silly, fearless, a doer, full of life, talker.


Chapter 3: My peeps.

2011: Went to amazing photography conference in Memphis with some of the most phenomenal photographers in the world.

2012: Went back again in Vegas.  And North Corolina.

2013: And…..Outer Banks……and

2014: And then Mexico….

What I wanted: Better pictures.

What I got: A group of 106 people who are friends, business advisors, second shooters, traveling buddies, and some of the most talented and amazing humans on this planet.  I never shoot a wedding without them.  Ever.  They make me better, and we will rock your wedding.